Sunday, March 16, 2014

Alumni Basketball

Soon will be my 10 year high school reunion.  The get-together will be later in spring.  First up though is the Alumni Basketball Tourney.  I wasn't even decent at basketball during high-school.  I played on the Freshman-Sophomore team almost exclusively until I called it quits due to knee pain.  I was on the JV squad for a short while but I didn't play more than 60 seconds.  I didn't play my senior year because it wasn't worth it for me just to sit on the bench. 

After I graduated I had no desire to play in the alumnus games.  I wasn't in shape and had other things going on.  Plus the guys who did play were from the Varsity squad and I had no idea what plays they ran or how they signaled each other.  The previous thought bothered me more so the first few years of the event.  I felt like I didn't belong.

Last year was the first time I didn't have college classes/activities going on in the spring.  I had been trying to get myself into better shape.  I hadn't seen many classmates since our 5 year reunion so I thought I'd give it a shot and play in the tourney.  I was able to hang with my classmates and others from my hometown I hadn't seen in years.  Some had changed while others hadn't.  I had fun. 

I didn't play great and we didn't win much.  10 years ago our class was a talented team but we were runners and gunners.  Age and being out of shape really hinder that style of play.  I was happy that I was able to play.  I even scored 6 points in the 3 games.  However, even though I was in better shape than previous years, I was still winded and sore as heck.

I look forward to this year's tourney.  I'm in better shape.  I'm better prepared but that doesn't improve my basketball skills.  I just hope I'm not a hindrance during the games.  Last year I was bowled over on defense a few times because I wasn't ready.  This year, I think I am.