Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alumni Basketball

I previously discussed Alumni Basketball in an earlier post.  This is to provide an update on how things went. 

The 2004 team got 3rd in a double elimination tournament.  We won our first two games to get us into the winners bracket but lost our next two on day two.  We had 7 people playing on day 1.  It might have been the lowest number of players on a team.  I scored a few points, got a few rebounds, and gave our teams better players a breather.  We fell apart on day 2 though because we were down to just 5 players.  Two of the guys had to leave.  The games are two 20 minutes halves and not being able to take a breather is what doomed us.  In the first game on day 2 we were down by 20 at half time but clawed back to within 6 with 4 minutes left in the game.  We just couldn't keep up the pressure and pace; we lost by 11.  Game 2 of day 2 was similar.  We had a 5 point lead heading into half time but we were out of gas and slowly fell behind as the clock ticked by; ended up losing by 12.

I was in better shape and I played better than last year.  I had a great time playing and it was even better being able to hang out with old friends (some were bullies to me when we were younger so should they be frenemies?  I wasn't perfect friend back then either.).  We played darts, had a few beers, caught up on how our lives are now, and we reminisced.  Some of them have changed, some haven't.  I'm definitely more sociable than I used to be. 

After the games we said our farewells and well wishes.  I hope they all have a great year and that I get to see at least a few of them again before the next basketball tourney.